Globalization Is The Process Of International Integration Through Trade And Communication

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Globalization is influencing the world to become more productive and efficient, but the high demands must be balanced out with ethical practices. The opportunity to reach a better economic standing is commonly eschewed and the promise exploited. While China 's jeans and denim factories give the people the chance to improve their economic standing, many factories abuse and exploit their workers, bringing into question how a business should run to be both efficient and ethical. Globalization is the process of international integration through trade and communication. It is based in the theory that countries good at producing a particular good are better off exporting it to countries less efficient in producing that good. The assumption is…show more content…
One of the prime examples of the issues can be explored within the Chinese denim and garment industry. (China Blue) While the garment industry may not seem at first glance to have high risk occupations, it contains possible deadly practices and chemicals, especially in denim production. The process of 'Sandblasting ' creates wear on denim fabric using abrasive sands blasted under high pressure. Sandblasting is fast and cheap, and can increase the value of the product being sold. However, without proper precautions, sandblasting can be deadly to workers. The disease silicosis is common among them. Silicosis is an incurable lung disease caused by the inhalation of dust containing free crystalline silica. It leads to thousands of deaths every year worldwide. Symptoms include shortness of breath and increased heart strain that eventually leads to death. (Silicosis : MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia) In response to the Clean Clothes Campaign 's attempts to end sandblasting, over 40 brands have promised to end this practice. However, the act still continues. Other techniques for weathering denim have also been used as a loophole (such as chemical spraying, hand-sanding and bleaching). These methods have their own risks involved, putting workers in more danger. In addition to dangerous work conditions, garment workers in China can face long hours with low pay and
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