Globalization: Its Effects on our Society Today & A Brief History

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What Is “Globalization”? Globalization is the growth, expansion and integration of different systems such as economics, culture and politics on a global scale. Western countries went to third world countries and persuaded their citizens by blaming their economical and social problems on their technological backwardness rather than the exploitative nature of their political system. By accomplishing this, the western countries gain entry into the nations and trade technology for resources and labour force. This ultimately leads to westernization of the third world nations (James Ferguson 2001 [1990], 407). Westernization is the assimilation of Western culture. It is the social process of becoming familiar with or converting to the customs…show more content…
Websites invite people from all over the world to come together and discuss and share on forums, and chat groups that allow them to learn about each other’s cultures immensely. Thanks to globalization, English is now the most popular language in the world. Majority of, if not almost entirely, the world’s radio programs, mail, cables, and the internet traffic is in English today. As for those people around the world who do not speak English are still not at a disadvantage as much since there are popular sites available that promote the sharing of culture, experiences, and ideas through unconventional means such as photographs and videos. Also thanks to the internet, most the media available online is now also available in most of the major languages spoken around the world such as Spanish, German, Russian, French, Hindi, Arabic, and Hebrew. Ethnic foods that were once limited to just some parts of the world, can now be enjoyed almost anywhere around the world. Very few developing countries now are without luxuries like Italian, Indian, Chinese, and American style cuisines. Globalization has also shown evidence of causing the members of developing countries to realise the in adequacy of their current lifestyle, culture, and technology, causing them to adapt and mimic foreign practices, lifestyles and cultures in order to improve their current standard of living. A shift that is a
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