Globalization: Making the World a Fatter Place One Country at a Time

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Globalization: Making the World A Fatter Place One Country at A Time Abstract Current estimations indicate that about 500 million adults are obese with 120 million residing in the developing nations. This is the first in the history of man society that the world has more overweight individuals than underweight population. The World Health Organization (WHO) refers to this pattern as the concept of 'globesity'. This is an indication that obesity is a global problem affecting poor and low-income nations in the past two decades as opposed to the previous notion of its influence in the context of Western nations. The main objective of this paper is to evaluate the relationship between the concepts of globalization of the American fast food corporations and global obesity. This relates to the examination of the statistics on YUM Brands, PepsiCo, and McDonald's dominance in markets around the globe. The research paper will also correlate the dominance of the first food entities to the increasing rate of global obesity problem. The focus will be on the examination of the implications of the fast food products on the global culture thus influences on the global obesity problem. Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u HYPERLINK l "_Toc358045965" Abstract PAGEREF _Toc358045965 h 2 HYPERLINK l "_Toc358045966" Introduction PAGEREF _Toc358045966 h 4 HYPERLINK l "_Toc358045967" Background & Significance PAGEREF _Toc358045967 h 5 HYPERLINK l "_Toc358045968" Figure 1: Global Obesity

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