Globalization, Neo-Liberalism, and New Social Movements in Singapore

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Majeerah B. Sinarimbo
September 26, 2012
Political Science 160


The world becomes more and more complex. Things have never been the same. Changes became rapid and impulsive that at some point, we are confused as to how to address these changes. Conflicts of the early times are not the same with what we 're facing today. Solutions of the past are not exactly effective in the present. We, humans, we 're never stable. The complexity of our behavior is a great manifestation of the unending evolution of our world. The world today might not be the world of tomorrow. All of these, are results of changes. Yes, I am going to talk about changes. Not in a simple way but in a more specific way. We all know that we can not
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They are very strict when it comes to obeying these laws. Punishments are given to those who are not conforming to the rules of the state. Singapore is also called a 'partly-free ' country.
Economically, Singapore has a very unreachable and unbelievable status. Unreachable because it has a highly developed market-based economy. It is one of the major traders in the world. Their GDP are largely based on their exports. Because of its low tax rates, work force, and business-friendly environment, and its being a free-market economy, Singapore has attracted many foreign investors. Thus, leading it to be one of the very prosperous country in the world. It is also unbelievable because for a country that is so small, all of these were made possible.
A brief history of Singapore is necessary in this case study.
The name “Singapore” can actually be derived from the words 'Singa ' and 'Pura ' which means 'Lion ' and 'City ' respectively. In 1819, Thomas Stamford Raffles arrived and signed a treaty which allows the development of the southern part of Singapore as a British trading post. In 1824, the whole island became colonized by the British and eventually it became the capital of the Straits Settlements. The colonization of Singapore has led it to its status as of now. It has strong global trading links with different countries and it owns a port that is one of the busiest ports in the world. This only shows that Singapore is a very
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