Globalization, No Alliances, And No Communication?

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Is there any possibility of a completely divided world with no trades between countries, no travels, no alliances, and no communication? Since almost 40 years the world has been going through a process of globalization that makes possible to say that the answer for this question is a strong no. According to Hirst, Thompson, and Bromley “It is widely asserted that we live in an era in which the greater part of social life is determined by global processes, in which national cultures, national economies, national borders and national territories are dissolving. Central to this perception is the notion of a rapid and recent process of economic globalization” (2015). Nowadays it is well known that only global companies get success in a long-term and a lot of this companies have moved from care on customizing products to providing standardized items. Globalization is leading the world to behave in different ways, Ikeaization and Mcdonaldization are processes that are being used for the companies in order to achieve certain goals, but also these processes have been playing a big role in today’s world globalization and have been impacting in the culture as it is known nowadays. Some people believes that Globalization is leading to a Mcdonaldization perspective while other people maintains that is better described with an Ikeaization perspective. This essay will scrutinize some examples about Mcdonaldization and Ikeaization, as well as the impact that globalization has over the
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