Globalization Of Business At Higher Level Management

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Globalization of Business In the world of business, businessmen and women at higher-level management positions need to be able to lead, persuade, control, and communicate with fellow members of their expanding global marketing management discourse community., If these managers are not able to have full control over their staff and business operations, then the branch they are in charge of could end up in disarray and possibly result in a complete failure. as well asManagers also need to be able to reach their audiences and those who may not be in that specific discourse community, but who are associated with the business world whothat make the field of business the trillion dollar daily market it is today.
Due to the fact that businesses grow, fall, communicate, trade, and negotiate every day, there is constant development in this field for companies to try and gain the upper edge on its competition. As a result, the discourse community of marketing managers in global market systems relies heavily on technology as the main access of the genres that they use on a day-to-day basis. There are numerous genres that are technology- based and associated with businesses, and the importance of these genres rises increases significantly when dealing with companies that interact globally. Meeting with companies across the world, especially overseas require the use of genres such as websites, e-mail, the Internet, and text messages, as well as business contracts and policies, which…
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