Globalization Of Clinical Trials And The Pharmaceutical World Essay

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Name; Layth Al-Kinani, Globalization of clinical trials, Globalization has been adopted in many industries, in the pharmaceutical world, efforts around globalizing clinical trials into emerging markets have increased significantly. Noticeably there is increase in numbers of trials in areas like Asia Pacific, Central and eastern Europe, Latin America, and Middle East. Since 2002, 15% annual growth has been observed in the number of active FDA- regulated investigators bases outside the United State, while the number of U.S. based investigators has decreased by 5.5%. One explanation for this dramatic shift in the location of clinical trials is that, the pharmaceutical companies, realized the coast saving effect of conducting trials in developing countries, as affected by the lower salaries of physicians, nurses, and study coordinators in developing countries; a reason for moving phase 2 and 3 trials to places such as India and South America. Another important factor, is the large pool of potential research participants, provides opportunities to accelerate recruitment. Furthermore, what also attract the pharmaceutical companies to conduct their trails in developing countries is the less regulatory barriers for drug approval, in which the population size alone, offers the promise of expanding markets. Global trials are also necessary to find patients for rare disease studies, and in response to the spread of Western diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Outsourcing of

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