Globalization Of Corporations And The Cultural Challenges

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The report is about globalization of corporations and the cultural challenges that come into play during this process. It concentrates on Brazilian companies that have spread their reach to the international scope. This study identifies the lack of previous literature and theory that can guide managers in project management across continents. It touches on the factors that surface when projects involve foreigners with differing cultures. The cultural difference is studied and evaluated to determine the ease of managing teams working with people from different cultures. The report is a step by step guideline on the influence that cultures have on the development and completion of projects. It follows research that looks at a case study of six Brazilian international companies. Projects from these six companies have different outcomes across continents, and the impact of different cultures on them are analyzed. In the end, the report emphasizes the importance of multi-cultural understanding and integration that ensures the success of projects. It also wraps up in an explanation of the reasons why it is important to know how to manage people from different cultures. It cites that globalization of companies is a norm in the present day business world (Holden, 2002).
The research paper, a study on Brazilian Multinationals, and the cultural challenges they face in managing global projects, looks into the internationalization of Brazilian companies. This growth in the
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