Globalization Of The Amazon Forest

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Introduction It’s likely that the paper that this essay is printed on was produced in the Amazon forest, processed in a South American Factory and shipped on a German made ship to different countries. This is just one aspect of Globalisation. More globally globalisation reflects interconnectivity of markets, people and culture around the word. Today’s world is interconnected like never before, and corporations are trading, expanding, and employing across the continents. Multinational businesses are changing the way that the world works, having new and far-reaching impacts on their customers, business partners, geographical bases, and their suppliers – from established concerns to the independent farmer or craftsperson. The term globalisation is one that is used with ever increasing frequency as if it had a universally accepted meaning and definition. According to Modelski, globalisation is a historical process which is characterised by a growing engagement between peoples on all corners of the globe (Modelski, 2003, pp.55-59) The main aim of this essay is to explain the process of globalisation, and to critically analyse one business in which has been impacted by globalisation, I will be focusing on The Starbucks Company throughout this essay. The main case study which will be referred to throughout this essay is the worldwide brand Starbucks, which has become a global company as a result of globalisation. The essay will start by defining and explaining globalisation. It
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