Globalization Of The International Labour Organization

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Introduction According to the International Labour Organization (2003), the term ‘globalization’ is used in diverse ways, but the major idea behind the term is progressive integration of societies and economies; the progressiveness is motivated by new economic relationships, new technologies, and various national as well as international policies of an array of players and entailing international organizations, governments, labor, business, and civil society. This implies that there are two aspects to the globalization process; first, it refers to various factors like trade, technology, financial decisions, fluent communication and proper flow of information; these factors are the primary reason that brings a society together as a family and all the citizens as family members (International Labour Organization, 2003). Second, it refers to institutions and policies, which integrate various countries and economies such as trade or capital market, international standards and rights of labors, behavior and other issues in the companies towards labor, property rights (via agreements) etc. that operate at both a national and an international level (International Labour Organization, 2003). Both aspects of globalization demonstrate that the term was coined for a progressiveness of society; therefore, it both influences and is influenced by society. Whether the impacts of globalization are primarily positive or negative is still uncertain; this essay will seek to answer that
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