Globalization Of The South : An Emerging Western Source Of International News Services

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There companies generate counterflows which enter non-Western as well as Western societies from non-Western sources, what results in counter-hegemonic globalisation. For example, Al-Jazeera, an emerging non-Western source of international news from a region that lacks adequate coverage by Western news services, has gradually weakened the old Western-dominated centre-periphery system by facilitating a cross culture dialogue (Samule-Azran, 2010). However, many scholars view Al-Jazeera as an exception, and its is important to remember that it comes from the richest country in the world – Qatar [10]. Counter flows from the South are also generated from particular cities like Mumbai, Cairo or Hong Kong, which concentrate finances, production…show more content…
Developed economies are called creative or knowledge economies, while developing countries still rely on natural and agriculture resources. Most of them have very undeveloped media industry, furthermore, around one-third of countries in the world don’t produce and film at all, according to UNESCO [7]. A 2004 UNDP report [8] stated that “unequal economic and political power of countries, industries and corporation cause some cultures to spread, others to wither”. Because of the strong correlation between economic development and media production we will hear voices of underrepresented cultures only when they get more economic power. On the other hand, we can hear voices of economically deprived cultures from the huge media hubs of London, New York and Los Angeles. Immigration has made these global information hubs more racially and ethnically diverse, with only 45% of London residents being White British, 33% of New York residents being White American and 39% of Los Angeles residents being White American. These cities attract talented immigrants from different countries, and even if they concentrate media and information, western flows become more diverse. Michael Curtis claims that Hollywood become a successful media capital by absorbing talents from around the world and therefore having global appeal (Curtis, 2003). Others claim that it is wrong to
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