Globalization Of The University Of Windsor Globalization

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Globalization is the interaction of companies, people, and governments internationally to change and adapt perspective, ideas and resources. As I take the time to observe my surrounding, I realize that globalization has been happening in our everyday life without knowing. Without globalization countries would be limited the resources they have, would decrease security between countries and a negative impact for the countries economy. Ways that globalization has impacted my everyday life in a positive impact would be the things I accomplish, the people I confront and the things I observe.
I have encountered many things in my daily life that showed me globalization is a part of each and everyone of us. I work at Wind Mobile and can see globalization within the phones I sale daily. Each phone was made in a different country showing the internally interaction that took place. Without globalization we would have been limited and would not be able to do or learn all the things we have. At the University of Windsor globalization takes place. The knowledge we learn in class is globalization. They take material in many countries and teach us, it is impossible to just reaile in solely in your country’s information. No country have all the information, so this is why globalization is extremely important. Many professors come teach in Canada from other international countries where we allowed to learn more perspectives, as well as international students they are able to teach us their
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