Globalization Of World Trade Has A Positive Impact On Countries

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Trade between nations has existed for centuries; the main difference is that today it occurs at a greater speed, higher volume, more complexity and geographic reach as a result of the consequent intensification of globalisation and the development of transport and communications (Taylor, 2002). The increase in international trade has brought many benefits such as economic growth, increasing consumption capacity and the reduction of poverty, all as a result of globalisation. However, globalisation does not benefit all countries in the same way. Developing countries do not always have well prepared industries for international competition, which can cause more instability. In addition, some jobs are lost and child labour is often used by countries to reduce production costs. Nevertheless, this essay will attempt to demonstrate that the increasing globalisation of world trade has a positive impact on countries, encouraging the growth and poverty reduction through international trade. Furthermore, it will be shown that even with the loss of some jobs arising from international competition; in general, globalisation through trade creates more demand for employment, generating income growth in the long term, allowing access to more products and raising the standards of living. Thus, the impacts of globalisation are mainly positives.

A key area for international trade is developing countries. One of the main reasons that people accuse globalisation of being prejudicial to
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