Globalization : Operations Management And Globalization

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Globalization Globalization refers to the practice of combining the budget of a country with that of the rest of the world. To develop globally, organizations must dramatically transform their management tactics. Because operations management plays a serious part in the general business plan of global organizations, it is vital for operations managers to consider the different trials and tribulations existing in different countries and develop strategies based on those findings. (Glassmeye/McNamee, 2004) Operations Management and Globalization Before one can actually enter into a global market, there are several factors that play into this decision. You need to truly research and investigate all options and consider the consequences of those options before jumping in head first. Market Entry There are several ways in which a company can enter a foreign market. Not all market entry strategies work for all international markets. You need explore the many options for entering into a market before deciding on one or a combination of entry strategies. Direct exporting may be the best applicable strategy in one market however you may need to set up a shared undertaking with another market and in another you may need to certify your business. There are numerous factors that will impact your choice of strategy, including, tariff rates, the level of reworking your desired product, marketing and transportation costs. These factors may increase your costs but it is estimated the
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