Globalization: Similarities Between America And US

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In the 21th century, globalization is gradually affecting many countries in the various area. Even so, in this fast-changing world, a majority of countries still remain their own cultures which include civil beliefs, people’s ways of life, or family values. The public mainly believed that the culture of China differs greatly from American. Comparing the two kinds of culture, this essay will discuss two principal similarities including the multi-cultures, overseas investment, and several differences in a number of ways such as eating culture, family values of the elderly and way of expression.

The first similarity of the cultures between China and America is the coexistence and tolerance of different cultures. China and America are the same multinational states due to their own historical reasons. It is clear that China is a unified multi-ethnic country, which have fifty-six
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and China differ greatly in many ways. The significant difference is the eating culture. Most people in China tend to take seats around the table and share dishes together especially for celebrating traditional festivals. On the other hand, American tend to eat food in their own plates. The second difference is the family value. According to Ren and Treiman (2014), in traditional Chinese families, approximately sixty percent of the old people living with their children and take care their grandchildren. They want to make close relations with their children. To contrast, in America, eighty to ninety percent of the elderly tend to stay in their own houses for a long time and living independently (Erody, 2012). The final difference is the way of expression. Sliwinski (2014) stated that a majority Chinese people are likely to share their feelings, identity, and view, and the Chinese culture encourages people to express frankly. However, American society usually tends to express positive feelings or positive side of things (Sliwinski,
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