Globalization : The Basic And Base Concept Of Globalization

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In this assignment, the author will analyse, and identify differences between the basic and base concept of globalization. The author will examine and critically assess the concept of globalization. Is globalization irreversible? This paper agrees with the economist that Globalisation is irreversible mainly because the interdependence of nations in terms of trade, cultural diffusion, economic interdependency.
What is globalisation?
According to Morrison (2006) Globalization refers to the broadening of the process by which products, people and companies are able to use their goods and service freely and quickly around the world without any border issue. Globalization has brought changes in the way we live in our countries, and a set of interdependent and good relationship among countries from different part of the world to come under one umbrella by doing business. Through movement of goods and services within the nations in the world. It involves the movement of cash transaction, transfer of technology from one industry to another. Different authors have agreed that globalization has connected wider ranges of geographic area by expanding the variety of available resources for human being needed and wants.
According to Guttal (2007)The term globalization can be generally used to define a variety of Economic, Cultural, Social and Political which has changed the world into the global business over the past 50 years ago. This has happened in the world when information and
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