Globalization : The Impacts Of Globalization And My Historical Identity

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Globalization and My Historical Identity Assignment by Tom Introduction This historical investigation consists of my historical identity from 1917 to 2017 and will evaluate the impacts of globalization on my family’s collective identity. The study is most prominently funded upon various interviews with my family members, and as well as conclusions drawn from the internet. Due to various communication difficulties, a small proportion of this research is based on the information of other articles. Through this research, I learned some interesting information about my family history and as well as the history of China. I hope you find this passage rather helpful and your time reading it enjoyable. Great Great Grandfather (~1927~) Life was scathing before the founding of New China, and especially so for a tenant in a remote, poverty-stricken village in Gucheng, Wuhan - the place my Great Great Grandfather worked tirelessly at for his whole life. Before the founding of New China, there were two main classes in the rural regions: the landlords and the peasants. The landlords were the rich. They made a living by skinning away the peasant's hard works only to claim it for themselves. The peasants were the poor, they had no choice over that matter. They had no property of their own so they relied on the landlords for a roof to live under. The landlords, of course, malicious as they were, saw this opportunity and exploited it as
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