Globalization : The Leading Fast Food Chain And Worldwide Giant

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The main purpose of this essay is to explain the meaning of globalisation and discuss critically, illustrating with examples the impact globalisation has had on one particular business. Globalisation has had both positive and negative effects on many companies’, economies and cultures etc. ‘While it is clear that globalisation can potentially give rise to an increase in prosperity, there are severe doubts as to whether this process will be fair to all, both in the present and to those in the future’. (Wetherly, P. and Otter, D, 2013) (Page 262). The organisation this essay focuses on is the leading fast food chain and worldwide giant, McDonald’s. ‘McDonald’s has become not only the largest fast food restaurant organization, but is a symbol of globalization; literally changing eating habits around the world.’ This essay will begin by defining globalisation, it will then go on to explain some of the affects it has had on the world; later it will discuss and analyse McDonald’s in terms of how globalisation has affected them as a company. There are three type of views in terms of globalisation, the first being the Neo-classical view, which believes globalisation to be a positive process. The second is the Socialist/Marxist view, which believes globalisation to be negative, and finally the structuralist view, which believes globalisation, can be good but it depends on the national and global structures. The concept globalisation, is a term which was first used in the 1970’s,
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