Globalization: The Road to Worldwide Peace and Prosperity Essay

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Everybody's talking about Bagism, Shagism, Dragism, Madism Ragism, Tagism, this-ism, that-ism Ism ism ism All we are saying is give peace a chance Lyrics from the song, "Give Peace A Chance" by John Lennon Is globalism just another "ism" to be feared and loathed? Despite some obvious negative effects of globalism, or globalization, we need to recognize the potential of globalization to help achieve worldwide peace and prosperity. Many people have written papers demonstrating globalization's contribution to structural violence and income inequality. However, these problems stem from the current manifestation of globalization, not from its basic tenets. The ideals of free trade, global opportunity, and economic interaction…show more content…
Whereas the Cold War era was characterized by protectionist policies and nationalistic beliefs that encouraged competition, the globalized world has the potential to be an integrated and interdependent group that aims to work together to benefit everyone. Once countries progress from a competitive focus on "beating" other nations, a cooperative union that takes advantage of world resources to defeat injustice and violence will be born. In her book on global monetary warfare, Hazel Henderson illustrates the economic advantages of globalization. In an economic model where all nations are interdependent, it is to the benefit of everyone to work towards financial growth and expansion. Increased economic prosperity would help fight poverty and other forms of structural violence as well as decrease the occurrence of "difficult life conditions" that often make individuals and groups susceptible to violence (Wagner and Long 211). In addition, traditional, primarily economically motivated wars between two or more nations would become unnecessary in a prosperous world. Most importantly, a globalized society would promote the ultimate cooperation needed to achieve true and complete peace. An integrated world would help destroy the divisions that plague communities around the globe by making every person, group, and nation
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