Globalization : The World Of Politics And The Human Population

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Globalization influences many aspects of human life, it is a process of change, the process of collaboration and integration among the people and businesses of different nations, it is a process propelled by trade, investment and technology. The process of globalization has great purpose for bring people together and sharing ideas however, it has effects on the environment, culture, the economy, politics and the human population (Globalization 101). Globalization has effected the environment due to human productivity; cars, technology, mining, farming and the advancements of different products. Globalization has effected culture due to the diffusion of ideas, beliefs and values around the world extending the social relationships with people around the world. Globalization has also effected the economy in the assimilation and cooperation of local, regional and national economies around the world. Globalization has also effected the world of politics and the collaboration of different governments in political affairs and policies. Globalization has also impacted the human population due to the migration of people around the world, changes in birth rates and also in the rate at which the elderly are passing due to improvements in medicine. Although globalization provides societies with ways of interacting and sharing ideas; it is causing harm to our planet in the way of global warming. Globalization effects many aspects of life such as in culture, the economy, politics and the
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