Globalization : Threats, Solutions, And Insight

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Lifestyles: Threats, Solutions, and Insight The instant a person is born, it is imposed upon him or her, by their loved ones and their natural instinct, to survive and survive effectively by living as healthily and as long as any one person physically can. Human existence, in of itself, is a death match. Of course, everyone knows who wins in the end (how else would “death match” get its name?). Every breath a person takes is one critical strike against death, delaying the inevitable, while every action a person commits which harms his or her well-being is one small victory for the opposing force. This simple fact is why people must be careful of how they live. Lifestyle is everything, and although the duration of this essay may be slight, it will explore the threats people face, how to prevent them, and how to extract guidance from mistakes whether these mistakes are one’s own, or those of the people one is surrounded with. Causes of Death Although the human race is at the top of the food chain, there have always been various threats looming over the lives of the international populace. However, as time progresses, old dangers are being transcended and new ones are arising. There is a vast range of causes of death (CoD’s) and for American citizens in particular they have varied over the past 200 years or so for many reasons, only a few of which will be presented at the current moment in this singular piece of writing. There are a couple basic causes of death which have
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