Globalization and American Workforce in the Twentieth Century

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15 October 2011 Globalization and American Workforce in the Twentieth Century Globalization is nothing new, since ancient times; people have been selling and buying their goods to each other. America was found by Europeans, when they were looking for new routes to expand their commerce and trade. In the last decade thanks to advances in communication and technology the commerce around the world has increased to a level never seen before. This globalization however has brought some changes and challenges to the American workforce: jobs have been lost or outsourced, People are not sure what kind of skills will be necessary to have a successful career and what kind of jobs that will have great demand in the coming…show more content…
Four, the labor market will continue with the ethnic diversification, where the percentage of the Americans and African American workers will remain constant and Asian and Hispanics will continue growing. They concluded that people will better prepare to adapt to the demands of the new millennium, and possibly they will be positioned better in the labor market, and people with little education or technological expertise will experience a decline in wages or unemployment. In the next few years the competition between countries, companies and individuals will be fierce, but people with knowledge and skills will be safe. Globalization has brought many changes in the economy and many jobs are lost, people are not sure which way to go when choosing a career. People with qualifications in math, science, English and trades, will be able to succeed and also they will enjoy incomes that their parents never imagined. There are some jobs in the service area that we can call safe, people who work in close contact with the persons fell
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