Globalization and Citizenship Essays

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Imagine a sudden increase in economic activity, investments and trade. Imagine economic integration and the rapid development of cities. This is globalization. Globalization is used to describe the increased integration and internationalization of economic affairs and relations which are facilitated and transitioned by rapid development in technology in the fields of information gathering, communication and processing. Globalization has a very big influence and impact on the economies of the world. We see many countries developing at rapid paces and are emerging as world super powers in a very short span of time. Two examples of this rapid development due to globalization can be seen in India and China, where the economy is changing at a…show more content…
The positive effect is that it increases the demand of more-skilled workers and this means that more jobs are going to be created. The negative effect that it has is that it decreases the demand for less-skilled workers and thus this is evident in the income gap between the two skill set of workers. The demand for more-skilled workers creates a new opening for immigration and citizenship into the country. Many skilled workers in different countries have the opportunity to apply for work visas and have the opportunity to work in different countries. Slaughter and Swagel also state that immigration also leads to increased growth and helps in the globalization effort. Demand for more-skilled workers such as engineers, scientists, and doctors allows for more people to come to the country and ultimately stay here for good. This is when immigrants receive citizenship for the country they live in. In conclusion, we can see that globalization does have a positive impact on citizenship as it increases demand for highly skilled workers and allows for more human capital to come into the country which ultimately helps the economy. But, we can never forget about the negative effects of globalization on citizenship. What about the less-skilled workers? We cannot forget about them. There are fewer chances of them to shift to different countries since they are not as skilled as the highly skilled work force. This shows us
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