Globalization and Decline of State

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Introduction. A considerable issue in the discipline of International Relations is the role of state. It is generally acknowledged that the constant transformation of society and economy has been oc-curring throughout the history. These changes could not pass side the condition of state in the world politics. According to Creveld (1999), since the middle of the seventeenth century, the institution of state has been the most dominant actor in international relations. However, over the past few decades it may seem that the state has lost its status. The outbreak of the intense global-ization has forced scholars to question the relevance of the state in the modern era. This essay will focus on the analysis of the nature of the…show more content…
He argues that ‘globalization’ can be understood as a rhetoric and strategy actively conducted by capital to control and subjugate labour in order to increase income. Although the notion does not have a straightforward definition, it is undoubta-ble that globalization vastly influences the world. It affects political, economic, social, cultural and even environmental aspects of our life (Woodward, 2010). In addition, it is assumed that globalization is the major factor that caused state to start declining.

The decline of the state: political and economic aspects. As it was said, the concept of globalization is not monosemantic. In fact, various new political theories emerged to apply their approach to globalization and the issue of the state de-cline. According to Paul and Ripsman (2010), the democratic peace theory highlights the recent widespread idea of democracy, its norms and institutions that reduce the willingness of states to produce armed conflicts. Moreover, with the emergence of several treaties and agreements — particularly advocating human rights — the ability of state to reach their objectives by the use of force was even restricted (for example, United Nations Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights). The global culture approach considers international relations to be stabilized by to a cultural convergence generated by the displacement of cultures and national identities, and the
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