Globalization and Environmental Change

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Globalization and Environmental Change Introduction Globalization, described as the expansion, intensification and acceleration of global interconnectedness, is one of the intense phenomena that the contemporary era has experienced. It has influenced the monetary, ecological, and societal characteristics of all the nations of the world. Due to both positive and negative consequences on the life of the citizens the world over, globalization is one of the most talked about issue of this century (Javed 2004). Globalization is a continuing and very controlling process. It has now become more or less a natural happening and is not going to stop. Though it has benefitted the world in numerous ways, globalization is also hurting the world frighteningly in a very theatrical way (Samli 2002). It is evident from the fact that the well-organized and increasing human exploitation of the natural resources obtained from the earth outlines the foundation for the scientific assertion "that the world is about to experience a mass extinction every bit as great as that which destroyed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago" (Hedley 2002). It simply means that the humanity is facing global environmental change as one of the most important challenges as a consequence of globalization. With the increase in globalization, the environmental issues are also growing constantly. The issues that once were threatening for a certain group of people on faraway places are now becoming a menace for all
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