Globalization and Human Resources

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Nestle’ Company Leona Parks For Dr. Larry Byrd BUS325-001 February 1, 2013 Nestle’ Company The Enterprise This paper will discuss Nestle’ concerning globalization and its HRM strategies. With instant coffee, baby food, and bottle water in the mix, Nestle’ crunches more than just chocolate. The world’s #1 food company in terms of sales, Nestle’ is also the world leader in coffee (Nescafe’). It also makes coffee for the home-brewing system; Nespresso. Nestle’ is one of the world’s top bottle water makers (Nestle’ Waters), one of the biggest frozen pizza makers (DiGiorno), and a big player in the pet food business (Friskies, Purina). Its most well-known global food brands include Buitoni, Dreyer’s, Maggi,…show more content…
In addition, some products in the United Kingdom may not be present or available in India. The third impact of cultures is challenges in terms of language barrier and culture shock can be encountered. Language barrier and culture shock can be regarded as serious problems in terms of cross-cultural communication, as both problems would lead to other serious complications in the organization, such as having no improvements in terms of team development and organizational interaction. In this regard, teamwork is being threatened, thus, affecting the tendency for the members of the organization to bond and coexist peacefully. The fourth impact of culture is the increased incidence of discrimination, inequality, and racial maltreatment. One possible issue related to this is the unequal payment between men and women. As we all know, equal pay has been mandated by law as early as 1963. Women have to save twice as men and this hurts the working family. Labor markets impact the company in the following ways: The first impact of labor markets is to make sure the company is not complicit in human rights abuse. The second impact of labor markets is to make sure each of their companies respect and follow the local laws and regulations concerning human right practices. The third impact of labor markets is to be against all forms of exploitation of children. Nestle’ had to set standards to prevent
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