Globalization as a Process

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It does not matter who you are, or what you do for living; it does not matter where you live, or where you come from; either way, you have come into contact with globalization. We are all active members of this web, and we are the fuel it needs to work to perfection. This web needs employers and employees, it needs people in need and people willing to help, and it needs members of different cultures and societies. It needs you. Whether it was by flying on an airplane, traveling to a foreign country, or simply by buying medicine, you are contributing to the unstoppable giant known as globalization. To understand globalization it is necessary to understand its core meaning. Globalization is a process. It is a process of international…show more content…
People who stand by these accusations have some historical proof to back them up such as the 1994 signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This caused multiple disputes between Canada, Mexico, and the United States only a couple of years following the signing (Smith). Many of those quarrels occurred because there was a threat to the “Westphalian sovereignty of states because of the challenging of the nation-states’ ability to control cross-border interaction”(Wirkkala). It is because of situations like this happening worldwide, that experts have concluded that globalization is just “a classic situation of the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer.” That said it is pertinent to note that these international conflicts and disagreements have happened because of the mismanagement of the options that globalization yields to the nations. Relating to the same NAFTA signing example, many of the legal disputes occurred because of one of the parties involved was not transparent in its negotiations. But at the same time and because of globalization, we have become more tolerant and open towards each other (at a more individual level) because of the cultural intermingling that we have more recently experienced. In the rights hands, globalization is a tool for cultural acceptance, peace, and common welfare.
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