Globalization in Great Britain

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Globalization is described as the process through which the regional societies, economics and cultures are becoming integrated by a global network of ideas of politics via, transportation, communication and trade. It is mostly assumed to be economic globalization or the integration of the nationally based economics into one international economy through foreign direct investment, trade or capital flow or the spread of technology. The study below concerns the advantages and disadvantages of globalization in reference to Britain Advantages and disadvantages of globalization in Britain Britain is one of the most developed nations of the world; this is in reference to its economic status compared to the international expectations. There are…show more content…
This entity is considered for the enhancement of marketing ideas and formulates it for the implementation of global scale (Boesak & Hansen, 2009). Globalization has also led to improvement in the political status of Britain because it creates an opportunity for the government to compare its leadership skills with those of the other nations and copy some of the most unique. Generally de-localization of business and other activities enables the nation to improve its performance. Globalization has led to spread of technology from one nation to the other thus resulting to improvement in the activities of the less developed ones. As a developed country, Britain compares all activities and positive moves in their competitors like the adverse technological skills in America to improve all the activities taking place (Milward, 2003). Globalization also has some negative effects in the developed nations like Britain. the economic crisis affecting one nation like America also affects Britain, this is because the process changes the world to become a one big market thus the disruption of the economic status in one corner of the world especially in the most influential nations like America affects all the other nations especially the competitors or those whose economic activities are linked. There is increased flow of the skilled and non-skilled

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