Globalization in Regard to Worldwide Equality

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Globalization in regard to worldwide equality Introduction Globalization has changed much about the way that people perceive the world and it influenced individuals to express less interest in ideas like nationalism and borders. Even with this, one is likely to observe that these two concepts can be considered responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people throughout history, thus meaning that globalization can practically be considered an idea that directly contradicts nationalism and borders. It is surely difficult to determine whether or not globalization has had a positive effect on the world, but when looking at matters from the perspective of developing countries experiencing rapid progress one might be inclined to assume that it would only be safe for him or her to claim that the process has actually led to greater global equality. Globalization as a confusing concept Many fail to have a clear understanding of globalization and what it entails. This is largely owed to the fact that society largely promotes globalization as a process that is going "to overcome hunger, poverty, and deprivation" (Munck, 1). In contrast, other believe that it is actually responsible for many of the problems that the contemporary social order is experiencing. All things considered, people need to acknowledge that the matter is very complex and that refrain from thinking that it is not actually problematic to analyze the matter. This process does not only involve
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