Globalization in Thai

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Globalization in Thailand
Nowadays, many countries around the world have established gradually closer contact, which is the result of unprecedented changes in communications, multinational company, transportation, and deregulation market. This phenomenon is known as globalization. Globalization causes changes in cultures, economies, laws, migrations, and politics across the globe. There are many people from the West who know Eastern culture. For example, Asians use chopsticks to eat and bowing is the way to pay respect in Japan. Hence, it can be included that these are good points of globalization. Another benefit is importing and exporting goods among countries; these will increase their countries’ GDP (Gross Domestic Product), which
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This will increase GDP in the nations (Jonathan and Samuel, 2002). An increasing in GDP means that income in each citizen increase. This helps decreased poverty in developing countries. Next benefit is that goods will be cheaper as a result of high competition in the market. Competition between companies encourages the companies to create new technology and to increase productivity to reduce cost of goods to compete with their competitors. The last advantage in this essay is cross-culture. When people have different culture due to their nations and geography, it hard to understand each other. Sometime miscommunication results in conflicts or problems between people or nations. Cross-culture causes people to understand each other more and to prevent conflicts.

On the other hand, globalization has drawbacks in many ways. First one is that globalization might result in communicable diseases in human and animals, such as H1N1 virus (bird flu) and West Nile virus (Katherine et. al, 2007). These viruses spread from countries to countries by carriers who travel around the globe. Another negative effect is that globalization increases pollution. One example is that transportation between globe use fuels, which produce Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Lastly, globalization helps trading goods to become easier and cheaper, which includes illegal products, such as illegal drugs. This is a serious problem in

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