Globalization in the Fashion Industry

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There should be little doubt that the phenomenon of globalization is expanding the global community. I have had certain experiences in my own life that readily attest to this fact. I have worked within the field of fashion design for quite some time, and the processes and changes that have taken place within this industry as a direct result of globalization are considerable. When I initially began working in the fashion realm, Italy was the primary source of clothing, as well as the most lucrative. This fact had direct repercussions in the way in which I and individuals that I worked for conducted business. The company that I was with tried to form relationships with suppliers and customers that were strictly local. We would select a purveyor based on its propinquity to us. Moreover, other individuals within this organization were encouraged to learn Italian and the various cultural mores associated with Italy, since that was where the vast majority of our materials were coming from. In this respect, there was no global market it was all based on interactions with Italian companies and those that were as close as possible to ours. Yet the advent of globalization has drastically revamped the entire fashion industry, not just the organization that I work for. Whereas previous concerns for forming relationships with partners and clients were based on proximity, the ease of communication which brought on globalization enables organizations to form relationships with others
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