Globalization is a Process of Rapid Changes in Structural and Cultural Processes

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There was a broad definition of globalization laid out for us on the first day of lecture. This definition explained that globalization is a process in which there are rapid changes in structural and cultural practices (Lecture, January7,2014). Relating this to specific issues that have been covered in class and is are a large concern for many people today is immigration and migration. Although these are quite similar they also different in the sense that immigration is more narrow while migration is broader. Each of the articles: Immigration: Obama Orders Deportation Review, The Economics of Immigration, Facing Deportation but Clinging to Life in the U.S, Asian female migrant workers require protection and Climate Change: We need to Guarantee the Right to not Migrate depict how immigration and migration are becoming an increasingly central issues and that they go hand in hand with globalization considering each results in economic, cultural, political aspects of structural change within the global world.
Immigration: Obama Orders Deportation Review: To begin with, change is difficult to implement especially when it has to deal with a matter that is important to majority of the population in the United States. This article from BBC news online expresses that “The growth of Latino communities in the US has made their vote increasingly important”. Which means they…
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