Globalization of Knowledge Management

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Globalization of Knowledge Management: Evaluating Best Practices and Defining Strategies For Optimal Performance Executive Summary Knowledge is the accelerator and catalyst of global competitive strength in any industry today, from the most manufacturing-intensive to the service-driven. Combining the virtualization aspects of work teams and the accelerating aspects of knowledge management is creating major disruptions in industries globally today (Stevens, Karkkainen, Lampela, 2009). The ability of virtual teams to transform tacit and implicit knowledge into a competitive advantage is critical to their succeeding in turbulent global markets as well (Karayaz, 2008). The formation, recruiting, hiring, training and managing virtual teams needs to be therefore more oriented around knowledge creation, management and optimization across the enterprise. Aligning virtual teams to the strategic importance of knowledge management is predicated on the creation and management of virtual teams who can be transformational, not just transactional, in the organizations they serve (Shipley, Johnson, Hashemi, 2009). It is the creation, continual improvement of, and preservation of tacit and implicit knowedlge, combined with strong and focused execution of virtual team strategies that leads to global success (de Jong, Schalk, Curseu, 2008). Social media and the social networks that are flourishing today have created a scalable, global platform supported by the Internet, with collaboration
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