Globalization of Non-Western Countries

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As globalization continues to spread over the world, many countries are beginning to feel its effects. One example is the auto industry. The automobile business is evolving rapidly on a worldwide basis. Car and parts manufacturers are merging, component design and manufacture are now frequently outsourced instead of being created in-house, brands are changing and the giant automobile companies are expanding deeper into providing financial services to car buyers. Meanwhile, all of the biggest, most successful automobile industry firms have become totally global in nature. Globalization is in evidence throughout the automobile industry. Mail order brides are also a good example of the impact of globalization, by integrating more of Russian…show more content…
The telecommunications industry in India has experienced dramatic growth in the last decade. In 1991 the number of telephone lines per 100 people was only 1. However, by the end of 2004 that number had increased 9 times. Along with this, the telecom industry now provides employment to about two million people. The industry turnover in this field expanding and is currently around $13 billion. The U.S. mainly participates by selling equipment to Indian companies and by investing in such companies. They also outsource many of thier tech support employment positions to India. India’s information technology and IT-enabled services industry is a major force in India’s booming economy, achieving double digit growth rates and an industry revenue expected to top $28 billion. To add to this growth, the Executive Committee on Information Technology works closely with NASSCOM, India’s largest software association to promote industry-wide growth and market regulation. On another technological path, the broadcasting entertainment industry is yet another booming industry among those that make up India’s economy. With over 100 million household televisions, and nearly 60% of these households using cable or satellite TV, there are nearly 40,000 cable service providers in India. The sector has benefited from a light regulatory system, even though this has also caused a great deal of piracy and
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