Globalization's Impact on Government Business Relations

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How has globalization impacted on government business relations? What is globalization? Globalization is the increasing interdependence and connectedness of the world, its businesses and it markets, as well as flow of goods, ideas, technology, people etc. This phenomenon has increased vastly over the years due to technological advances, telecommunications and internet. As the world becomes a global economy, countries have the opportunity to advance more but with the catch that there is also increased competition. Thus as it becomes more common and powerful a feature, it also has some resistance as well. (InvestorWords, n.d.) Effect of globalization in Australia Globalization has led to greater inequality in Australia. It could be due to increased trade and growth, and capital liberalization doesn't work in favor of the poor. Governments are supposed to reduce the negative financial market positions and not impose any such policies that would enhance those situations. Instability can cause deterrents for both firms and governments in the same manner. Interest rates being on a rise can reduce investment and a volatile currency will discourage exporters, especially the smaller firms that do not have any financial expertise to guide them. Expansionary policies will also be affected as the cost of borrowing increases. And these pressures on the government demand that it lower taxes and increase incomes, at the same time cutting the government's own spending patterns,

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