Globalization's Impact on Management Styles

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Globalization’s Impact on Management Styles

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Dr. Harvey C. Hutchison
July 20, 2008
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Abstract Globalization has had a very complex impact on management. Business leaders are finding themselves making frequent changes to their management strategies and styles to keep up with local as well as international competitors. This paper will give a definition of globalization as well as provide a description of the impact of globalization on traditional management styles. The paper will discuss the transformations made by many companies from doing things the traditional way to doing things in a way that will ensure them a top position in a thriving society. It will also demonstrate
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This has to be the most extensive research that I have performed. I truly had to think and dig deep to piece together scattered information in a way that would make sense to my readers.
Literature Review
What is globalization? Globalization is the integration of systems worldwide (Bateman & Snell, 2008). For an organization to maintain competitive in the evolution of the business environment, the organization must constantly look out for the opportunities to grow. As a major factor in most business functions, globalization has allowed businessmen all over to explore a much wider group of customers eliminating the dependency of local and limited clientele. There is also a much broader environment for international networking that allows business to gain insight on worldwide interest that could assist in the expansion and development of an up and coming or already established company (Recklies, 2001). When a business ultimately decides to enter into a globalize mind set there are a few things to consider. They must first be certain that this is a risk that they are willing to take simply because it is not guaranteed that all business that take their products and services worldwide will be successful in doing so. According to Dagmar Recklies, a business decision to go global must be accompanied by a strong vision, commitment, and determined leadership of the owners and managers. He
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