Globalizatons and Cherokees

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Globalization has caused extreme change on the Cherokee ways of life, institutions, customs and traditions. The Cherokee people are incorporating more and more of their past traditions in to their institutions way of life in a means of trying to preserve them in this every changing world. Once a culture of people that held high their beliefs and way of life was nearly an extinct culture after the European, and colonization forced these people out of their land. It is important to see look at the affects that globalization has on the Cherokee people because looking at this we can see how globalization affects human dignity both in a positive manner and in a negative manner.
The education institutions that are on the boundary give the Cherokee children the right to self-fulfillment; it does this by providing them with the right education to go to college or so on if they wish. The school has incorporated ideas from all over to make sure that their children have the best possible education that they can get to survive and thrive in the modern world today. Our culture has played a huge impact on how they view technology. Our culture is constantly obsessing over the newest and greatest technology, because of this there are tons of jobs in this field. The Cherokee schools teach children as early as elementary school how to work with different technology to give them a head start in the culture that surrounds them so that they can keep at a solid pace with us.
This is a positive
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