Globalized Islam By Olivier Roy

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In Olivier Roy’s book, Globalized Islam, he writes about “propaganda targets individuals, not groups” as the strategy used “Islamists, when elaborating a political program, targets groups, and more precisely social groups (impoverished neo-urbanites, students from the lower and middle classes, and so on).” Roy continues on to share their reasoning for the method of targeting individuals, not groups [author’s italicization]. “This remains congruent with their strategy of going to the polls; an electorate is always a collective and anonymous entity.” Roy goes on to state why the new preachers use another method. “But the new preachers target individuals, for the simple reason that they do not have a global political and social project, except implementation of sharia.” In contrast he goes on to explain how the Taliban’s agenda differs. “Even the Taliban, who were ruling a ‘real country, never cared about implementing any economic or social program, but were exclusively concerned with sharia.” Consequently, individual Muslims that relocate from their own culture to migrate to the western world still remain well rooted in their religion despite the fact that no special accommodations are made for their religion. “No allowances are made for Muslims to abide naturally and easily by the tenets of their religion.” “Hence the implementation of binding religious obligations rests on the good goodwill of the believer, not on any external cultural pressure or a state’s legal
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