Globally Vulnerable To Volcanoes: The Globalized Contemporary Society

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The globalized contemporary society is uniquely vulnerable to volcanoes. A volcano, which is defined as a “vent or chimney which transfers molten rock known as magma from depth to the Earth’s surface” by Geoscience Australia(2015), can be considered to be a cloud with a silver lining for society due to their eruptions. Attributed to factors such as density and pressure, volcanic eruptions occur for several reasons. Grotzinger and Jordan(2014) explains that as magma is less dense than solid rock it will rise buoyantly through the lithosphere finding its way to the Earth’s surface by melting its way up or by fracturing the lithosphere along lines of weaknesses. Alternatively, the magma may accumulate in a magma chamber where either the exsolution of gases from the magma or the loss of pressure above the chamber results in the magma rising to the surface.…show more content…
Regardless of how or why the eruption occurs there is no denying that volcanic eruptions have and will continue to impact society. These impacts are important to study as they can have long-lasting effects on society, not only on a local level but also globally as well. The impacts of volcanic eruptions are both positive and negative, albeit more negative as demonstrated in the decline in the productivity of human affairs and the decrease in the optimum environmental conditions versus how individuals capitalize on the aftereffects of volcanic eruptions and the benefit to the
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