Essay on Globesity: Health Crisis/Epidemic

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According to a U.S. Prevalence of Adult Overweight and Obesity study conducted by NHANES from 2009-2010, 68.8% of our population is either obese or overweight. This new health crisis/epidemic has been slowly sneaking up on America in the last decade negatively influencing our society and changing our way of life. It’s hard not to walk down the street and ignore the shining golden arches the gleaming signs of various fast food restaurants and then the walk of shame home when you realize your pants might never fit the same way again and your arteries could possibly be taking a major beating from the waves of grease and salt you just willingly ingested. Recently A new term has been coined due to Americas growing weight epidemic, they are…show more content…
The research shows a decline in use as soon as the tax was applied. The cigarette tax in particular could serve as a model for the outcome of a fat tax. For example “following a steep cigarette tax in the late 1990s which raised the cost of cigarettes 50%, smoking rates plummeted sharply. Today, less than 20 percent of Americans are smokers compared to the 42% in the 1960s before it was taxed. (…….) Although this tax would give our Government a considerable amount of power the results could transform our society substantially. “Economists generally agree that government intervention, including taxation, is justified when the market fails to provide the optimum amount of good for society’s well-being,” says Oliver Mytton, co-author of a recent report in the British Medical Journal. This is a controversial topic but a 2010 poll by the Quinnipiac University polling institute found that, “76% of New York residents favor a tax on soft drinks while only the remaining 22% are against the notion. It’s hard to imagine what could ever make taxing junk food so important besides the leg up it could give our government’s money situation but hidden under all that reasoning is the dangers of Junk food. Is it really so scary? Many people have argued that it is in fact a real danger. According to David Kessler the author of The End of Overeating “Junk food literally alters the

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