Globus Report

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GLOBUS REFLECTION The task and the Standards The objective of this Globus game is to run a company in the real environment which is we will compete with other companies. On this simulation I am becoming co-manager of a camera industry. All of the company have two products in the market which is Entry level camera and multi featured camera. And the market area is divided into 4 region which is : 1.North America 2. Europe-Africa 3. Asia Pacific 4. Latin America. One group have 3 members , and in my business simulation we got 8 different companies. Each company has to run the camera business every week , one week in real life is represent 1 year in the simulation for a consecutive 10 weeks. The ultimate goal for all the companies…show more content…
My personal growth and lifelong learning Reflection 1 Context : For some of the week our globus group couldnot focus on globus game Activating Experience : The Globus team unsatisfy with the result that not stable , and we didn’t do well on some of the year Belief : I failed to believe that because 1 didn’t stay focus to do the globus simulation game. Consequences : Our company have a bad start and the result in the middle year is falling down.we keep losing point every year until it reah the peak and our company made a loss.The biggest mistake was that we did not understand the game completely and this made us suffer for the beginning of the years. Dispute : I
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