Glock Cowards

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I, realized the superiority of the Glock pistol when I, went through police training in Lackland Air Base Texas. I, was told by at least 90% of the Airman and Instructors that the Glock was better than our issued Berretta and it showed. People were barely passing the pistol course until we were told to just use the front sights. I, noticed over the years how Glock changed the firearms industry and not just with revolvers. According to Campbell (2017 Pg-1), the Glock holds most of the police market. I, completely agree this statement as it offers me better precision and holding capability. Although, the Glock is famous, it still needs the proper ammunition. As indicated in Campbell’s article, I also experienced the difference between poor and quality ammunition as well as reloaded. The quality impacts an officer’s confidence and shooting record. Although the situation was saved due to quality ammunition, hand-loads aren’t incompatible. Certain rules need to be adhered to in order to; function properly, save money, have specific tolerances to avoid overpressure and avoid blow ups.…show more content…
Problems resulted due to soft factory projectiles causing Glock to issue warnings against the use of lead. Many companies today will void a warranty if hand-loads are used and this is not economical for shooters. According to Campbell (2017 Pg-1), the Glock uses a unique form of rifling known as polygonal rifling. According to Nash (2012), in a polygonal barrel, these cut lands and grooves are replaced by “hills and valleys” in a more gently rounded polygonal pattern, usually a hexagon or
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