Gloria Chicacana Mestiza Consciousness

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One of the most influential parts of Gloria Anzaldúa’s work is her concept of a mestiza consciousness and how it can be utilized to help us better understand and even accept the multiculturalism within our ethnic identity. Being a Mexican American or Chicana can be a complicated experience because of how the two worlds are divided in more ways than one. Not only is it challenging to find a sense of belonging when you’re divided by a physical and theoretical border, but it also takes a toll on the psyche to consistently adjust oneself in order to fit the scene. However, the mestiza consciousness is an inclusive and universal mindset that enables Chicanas to embrace all aspects of their identity, without having to sacrifice part of themselves in order to fit a concrete definition. Coinciding with Chicana feminism, the mestiza consciousness empowers women and enables them to celebrate their culture and
Firstly, in order to understand the concept of the new mestiza it is important to observe the origin of the term mestizo. In short, this term is used to describe the mixing of Anglo and indigenous blood in association with the colonization of the motherland by the Spanish. More specifically, it is tied to the controversial figure of Malinche and her creation of the first mestizo, this new and illegitimate mixed race (Alarcón, 1998, p. 181). Having already been established in a negative light, this term was brought up in a more derogatory meaning, showing a separation from not

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