Gloria Clors And Gestalt Therapy

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In the Gloria tapes, there were three different types of therapy sessions presented in each tape. The three types of sessions were Person Centered Therapy represented by Carl Rogers, Rational Therapy also known as Rational Emotional Behavior Therapy represented by Albert Ellis, and Gestalt Therapy represented by Fritz Perls. The sessions were given to the same women named Gloria that presented a different problem each time. The goal of experiencing each type of therapy session was to figure out what therapy style out of the three best helped Gloria.
The first therapy style Gloria was introduced to was Person Centered Therapy and the therapist was Carl Rogers. Viewing Rogers at my own viewpoint, for the time period, he seems unbelievable.
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To start off, Gloria goes into her session to pull out a cigarette at the very beginning which indicates that she's feeling stressed and nervous. She then says “right away I’m scared”. At that point, Perls is quetoning how scared she is when there is a smile on her face. The session then becomes even more confrontational as it seems that Perls is picking at her but then Gloria responds with acts that show she is opening up. Looking at Gloria’s actions, it is clear that she has become more straightforward in confronting her problems since Person Centered Therapy. During the confrontational session, it seems to be a power struggle between Gloria and Fritz but at the end comes down to Gloria talking about her husband and the amount of confidence it seems like Gloria has rather than what she actually is able to use when facing her “superiors”. Gloria’s problem in this session is the level of confidence that Gloria has seeing how constantly Perls brings up actions and characteristics that Gloria is portraying as Perls constantly calls her a phony and provokes her to take control of the situation. I think that breaking part of this session was both when Perls gets on her level as another 30 year old person, and when she is able to pick on him and when Perls ask Gloria to choke him as well as telling her to demand respect. These exercises are able to open Gloria up and and I think pushes…show more content…
The kind of therapy was very much less confrontational when compared to Gestalt Therapy as well as a lot more talking. Ellis guided the conversation more and tended to ask questions that involve her expressing herself less compared to the other two kinds of therapies. My first impression of this kind of therapy was very negative, for some reason I believed that it was not quite beneficial for Gloria, however, when I watched it a second time, I realized that my interpretation was different and that this therapy and the advice from the therapist was actually benefit Gloria. The connection between the two seemed to start off quick because Gloria was actually a fan of his book but really seemed to firm was when Ellis brought up the mangled arm it really seemed like they were on the same level. I believe that this session overall helped Gloria thinking more and caused her to take more actions especially because of the homework assignment that Ellis said he would give her if she was his client. What really shown me that the session was beneficial for Gloria was when Ellis said “assume the worse”. When Ellis said this, Gloria pulled out a cigarette which to me says that his words are getting to her and making her think because I have noticed that she seems to smoke when she feels nervous or pressured and needs to calm down. Thus, this means that she is trying to think through Ellis’s

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