Gloria Jean's Coffee: Business Analysis

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Executive summary Gloria Jean's is ranked amongst the prominent coffee house operator in the world. It caters a friendly and comfortable environment and sells hand-crafted signature cold and hot coffee drinks, specialty teas, variety of single origins, traditional espresso drinks, and estate and blend whole-bean coffees. It also serves all these various varieties of coffees with other accessories and pastries as well (Rofle, 2009). Gloria Jean's was established in 1996, and since then it has made a commendable progress by opening more than 500 coffee houses operating in every state and territory in Australia. It is thus ranked as the leading coffee specialists in Australia and has played a pivotal role in developing the retail of coffee market in Australia. Gloria Jean's has made remarkable progress by serving approximately 102 million guests annually in 37 countries worldwide and has acquired the status of a global coffee retailer (Roe, 2012). Introduction: Gloria Jean's Coffee is an Australian firm which has managed to establish 1000 coffee houses spanning over 39 markets globally. Out of these, over 460 coffee houses are operating in Australia only. Gloria Jean Kvetko, the founder of Gloaria Jean's Coffee laid down its foundations in Chicago, USA in the year 1979. Initially, it was a small coffee and gift shop in Chicago. However, it has made commendable progress by opening outlets at 110 locations all over U.S. Nabi Saleh and Peter Irvine (Franchise

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