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Content list Executive Summary 1. Company profile 2.1 History 2.2 Products and services 2.3 Finance 2.4 Vietnamese market 2.1 Summary of recent marketing strategies 2.1.1 Products 2.1.2 Pricing 2.1.3 Place 2.1.4 Promotion 2.2 Porter’s five forces 2.3.1 Threat of new entrants 2.3.2 Bargaining power of buyer 2.3.3 Bargaining power of supplier 2.3.4 Threat of substitute product and service 2.3.5 Degree of rivalry among existing competitors 3. Selection and Application of creating market theories 4.1 Demographic segmentation 4.2 Psychographic segmentation 4. Recommendation 5. Conclusion Executive summary Nowadays, coffee is not only a…show more content…
1.3 Finance According to the reports of Diedrich Coffee, the total profits of Gloria Jean’s Coffee from the third quarter of 2008 was $11.322.00 in comparison with $8.975.000 in the same period in the previous year. The table below shows revenue, loss and gains that the wholesaler, franchiser, retailer earned in 2008 in Australia, respectively. It can be seen that the profitability of franchise and retail was negative but overall, the total revenue of the company is in a gain at 26.1%. | Revenue | Loss (-) / Gain (+) | Wholesale Revenue | $2,773,000 | + 40.2% | Franchise Revenue | - $198,000 | - 23.1% | Retail Sales | - $228,000 | - 18.6% | Total Revenue | $2,347,000 | +26.1% | 1.4 Vietnamese market situation * Competition: GJ has definitely faced many difficulties when entering the Vietnamese market because Vietnam themselves is one of the biggest exporters of coffee (Kotecha, et al 2006). Their biggest domestic competitor are Trung Nguyen coffee and Vinacafe. Besides that, there is also strong competition from The Coffee Bean and Angel’s In Us Coffee which have almost the same style, products and strategies with GJ in Vietnam. * Consumer: Coffee consumption in Vietnam tops the fastest growth rate in the world with 31%, from 1.208 million bags in 2009 to 1.583 million bags in 2010 ( Therefore, Vietnam is the potential market for GJ to continue investing. The table below shows the consumption of coffee

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