Essay on Gloria Naylor's The Women of Brewster Place

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(Introduction): Throughout her novel, The Women of Brewster Place, Ms. Naylor emphasizes the importance of sister hood by showing how the women are strengthened by their relationships with one another and proving that men are not necessary to their survival or happiness.

Thesis: The strengthening of women through other women is illustrated by Mattie's role as a daughter to Miss Eva, a sister to Etta Mae, and a mother to Lucielia.

PARA 2: Miss Eva Turner plays a vital role in Mattie's life by taking her in during her loneliness and destitution and treating Mattie and Basil as if they are her own family.

PARA 3: The sisterhood between Mattie and Etta Mae is illustrated by each woman's willingness to help the other in through their
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Lucielia was literally dying of grief and rage. "It is Mattie's intervention and her ability to place Lucielia's grief in a historical context and to know it as one more instance of "murdered dreams" in a long history of such murders that undergirds her life saving and healing intervention" (Aull, 2) Mattie healed and renewed Lucielia physically and mentally. "Mattie magnificently wrestles Ciel, dying of grief, back to life" (Gottlieb p.1484). Mattie took on the role of a mother when she nursed Lucielia back to health. Mattie treated and nursed Lucielia "as if handling a newborn"(Naylor, 104). Mattie's relationship with Basil teaches her valuable lessons that help her to be a more effective mother figure to Lucielia. Mattie's mistake with Basil is she used him to fill a void. She loved the fact that he was solely dependent on her. "My Bed hasn't been empty since Basil was born" (38). Mattie spoiled Basil to the point he would always have to have his way. He knew his mother would always be there for him. Because of that, he took advantage of her. It was hard for Mattie to watch the turmoil and sadness Lucielia had to encounter in her love life. It was like watching her child suffer. However, Mattie wasn't going to make the same mistake she made with Basil. Mattie let Lucielia take control of her own life. She never told her what to do. She just listened and gave her support her. Lucielia questioned
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