Gloria Tesch's Analysis

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When I read this article, it was hard for me to not roll my eyes. Of course, not this is not at the fault of the author themselves. What never ceases to annoy me in the importance people put on online fame and followers. Being a star online might as well be bigger in today's day and age. I've been at both ends of the spectrum, as a person with above average popularity and below average. So, it's rather amusing to see people become obsessed with hitting that certain follower count. First and foremost, It's not hard to see who's bought followers, especially on Twitter. This is Gloria Tesch, a big phony who claimed all over the internet to be the worlds "youngest novelist" and paid people to give her garbage can of a book positive reviews.…show more content…
I wouldn't dare post the profile for fear of embarrassment, but I used to write god awful fanfiction back when I was younger. You know how many followers that account had and still has? Thousands. I cringe just at the thought. Most of the people who read my work were young tweens who liked the male protagonists in my stories, and that certainly wasn't a reflection of the quality. I also see this happen over and over again in the cosplay community thanks to the Tumblr, the breeding grounds for annoying and whiny teenagers. This cosplayer, whom I will not name as precaution that their minions don't find this, has several thousand followers on Tumblr. In case you were wondering, yes, most of the are legitimate. However, aside from the poor Photoshop job with the contacts, I could name 20 flaws with this particular cosplay. Not to be an elitist, but it happens to be a character that others can execute better with minimal work. Their high following doesn't match up with their quality either. At the same time, this cosplayer, whom does a tremendous job with both their costume and editing, has hardly surpassed 500 followers on
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