Glorification of Alcohol Use in the Media Essay

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Every year, children watch an average of 20,000 commercials, with 2000 of them promoting alcoholic beverages. While many view them as harmless, logic would contend that these advertisements play an important role in influencing the attitudes and ideals that society’s youths relate to alcohol consumption. Many aspects of modern media deliver promises that once one engages in “drinking,” the will merge with a high society way of life where popularity, desirability and ultimately happiness are easily attained. While peers and families, environment and heredity, all contribute to one’s inclination to drink, more so, the messages revealed in TV shows, movies, mainstream music and even everyday commercials are constant and consistent in their …show more content…
When the availability of beer, liquor and wine is abused, usually a person will experience physical and mental symptoms causing their overall health to diminish such as in liver damages, increased risks of stroke and heart related diseases and a greater likelihood of depression which is a major source of domestic abuse in households.
Overall the messages depicted in media on the subject of alcohol drinking retains a contradictory ideal that while it is dangerous and young people should not drink, if they did engage in alcoholism, they would be considered socially norm only to be admired and praised for their actions. In a society where being deviant to a mainstream culture is encouraged and the “bad to the bone” mantra is a theme for popularity, drinking alcohol is considered sophisticated and trendy. Only recently there has been uproar of negativity associated with excessive alcohol drinking due to the rise in the number of lethal and problematic drunk driving incidents. Many talk shows, such as the Oprah show that has long dispersed the adversities of alcoholism, attempt to discourage the younger generation from participating in this peer pressure fueled exploit but to no avail as the images of beauty, sex, and admiration from alcohol advertising is much more appealing. Very rarely will media cover the life story and past experiences of former alcoholics and it is hardly ever referred to as an addiction which one may find extremely difficult to overcome. This in

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