Glorification of Masculinity in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Lost World

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Glorification of Masculinity in The Lost World

The male ego and the fulfillment of a man's own image of himself can be strong motivating forces behind his actions and behaviors. Society has created parameters used to define a "real" man; failing to live up to these specifications threatens one's masculinity and standing amongst one's peers. These expectations and requirements for manhood are constantly reinforced by society. The prevailing stereotype of the classic "Marlboro Man" along with movie heroes such as James Bond, Indiana Jones, and John Wayne give the impression of the adventurous ladies' man who laughs in the face of danger and can do no wrong. Arthur Conan Doyle's tale of adventure, The Lost World, is an excellent
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Even the drunkard is recognized by Roxton as "the best gentleman jock in the north country" (52) which somehow makes it seem that much more necessary to save him. All the qualities are based on the physical appearance and condition of the characters. Doyle defines men by what they have accomplished, the size of their chests, and their relative cranial sizes.

The bulk of this account from the journalist Malone takes place deep in the Amazon jungles of South America far from civilization and the comforts of industry and technology. It is like one big Boy Scout retreat. These professors and other gentlemen set out to find the undisturbed realm of the dinosaurs and end up finding and thrilling the adventurous spirits inside them. It is called a scientific expedition, but most of the actions taken are done to achieve personal satisfaction and advancement. Malone has made it clear that his only purpose of accompanying the Professor was to find the excitement he craved and to meet the expectations of his girlfriend. Lord Roxton just wants another trophy for his mantle and to experience the awe of the strange plateau with "a sportin' risk in every mile of it" (56). Professor Challenger wants to prove himself to the scientific world and put to rest any doubts and

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